qntm's Complimentary Service

qntm's Complimentary Service is now closed, but here are some compliments that were received by satisfied customers.

Sample compliments

"You remind me that people can be astoundingly clever and kind."

"Buddy, you're one of the most wildly convoluted people I met. If you were in a story, you would be every character at once. That's a compliment!"

"Your site is the single greatest creative accomplishment of this or any century."

"You're just plain all-round awesome people."

"You're a tremendously distinguished gentleman."

"I actually find your tendency to put your children before yourself quite inspiring."

"By gosh, Aaron, you intricate, intimate, detailed, encyclopaedic knowledge of the James Bond franchise truly shocks me into submission. I am but a dwarf before your intellect."

"Your videogaming prowess puts me to shame."

"I'm impressed with your impressive cowboy hat!"

"Little dude, you have a tremendous haircut."

"It's difficult to think of a more loyal wife than one who'd stick with their crazy husband during a transcontinental move. Respect is due." *tips hat*

"Alanna, you dazzle me every time I see you. I could get lost in your eyes."

"Corey, I commend you on your excellent choice of footwear."

"Ma'am, your radiance dazzles me more every day."

"You are an inspiring and generally great person in all senses and respects."

"I'm a person who knows excellent people, and you, sir, rank at least a 9 out of a possible outstanding."

"I always know who to talk to when I'm feeling down in the dumps, and that's you."

"You're an indispensible asset to your adventuring group. You're super awesome at laser tag too. Seriously."

"Your success in college leaves me dizzy with admiration."

"Nobody who knows juggling AND Haskell can fail to be a totally awesome dude."

"You are an excellent fencer. As for your cooking skills - by my reckoning, more excellent still."

"You're looking cool, calm, collected and confident today. Hope you have a great week."

"Jaydee, I can honestly say you look lovelier with each passing day."

"I must say I can always depend on your LiveJournal for an amusing and enlightening read."

"Jana, I really admire the way you have with animals and birds. If any of my pets ever get injured, you'll be number one on my list of people to call."

"I, for one, find your routines hilarious, especially that Interrupting Cow bit."

"Whenever I have doubts about anything, I always know I can consult you for reliable advice."

"I praise your uncommon intelligence and thoughfulness. I think you're the best, and I'm not the only one!"

"Katwick, I can assure you that all of us at home miss your sparkling self even more than you miss being at home."

"I've always thought you were a great speller, so it's no surprise to me to learn that you won that competition! Good work."

"I just wanted to congratulate on your fencing skills. I don't know what it means to be 14th out of 13, but it must be good!"

"I have to say that you're a great church leader. Your preaching is second to none!"

"Just stay the course, buddy, you've done great so far and you're sure to do great as you keep on going!"

"What a wonderful circus performance that was!"

"Jeff, you are a talented and respected pilot."

"Go, man! BREAK that dance! Supoib."

"You are a genuinely excellent human being."

"If I had to pick my favourite person out of everybody, you'd be at the top of my list."

"I admire that you always seem to know the right thing to say."

"You're a friend for all weathers. Kudos."

"Your favourite food also happens to be my favourite food. I like that."

"Four-dimensional, eh? That's one dimension more than most!"

"You're so brave to be moving to another city in another country! I'm sure a smart person like you will go far."

"M'lady, I will always treasure you as one of the most pleasurable people I have known."

"I bow to your bass guitar-playing skills!"

"Triligual, eh? Man, I wish I was as international as you obviously are."

"Gabrielle, what an adorable little goldfish you have. He looks very contented. Also, he matches your shirt."

"Your hair kicks all kinds of rear!"

"I'm in awe of your saxophonical skills!"

"Your canvas paintings are superb. Your parents must be proud that you have such a creative spark."

"I love the latest thing you wrote! You're a terrific writer."

"I'll say one thing about that Brian, though - he's got a refined taste for cookies. Oh yes. Trust his cookie decisions and you'll go far."

"Despite the lousy past few months you've been having, you're still carrying on like you always do. I admire your tenacity."

"You're a wonderful person, and I won't hear anybody say otherwise."

"That's a dazzling new haircut you've got! And I'm sorry it took me so long to comment on it."

"Jason, it's clear to me that you're a great guy to have as a friend."

"Man, you're looking sharp this morning! You're sure to knock them dead at that big IAU meeting!"

"You're looking well-turned-out this evening, I see. What's got you in such a good mood, buddy?"


"It's great to talk to you! You've brightened my day by gracing me with your sparkling conversation."

"Marsha, I just want to compliment you on being a uniformly awesome lady!"

"Wow, your house is great! I really wish I could keep mine as clean and tidy as you do yours. Good work!"

"You're a man of ideas, and that's something I find admirable."

"I can't tell you how relieving it is to finally meet somebody who can punctuate properly! Nice haircut, by the way."

"In all honesty, I've always thought you were a great father."

"Your name is Sam? Sam is the best name... ever. For reals."

"Dan, it's truly a pleasure and an honour knowing you. You're a top bloke and a solid guy, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise!"

"Dave, you're obviously not getting enough credit for the amount of sterling work you're doing."

"You're awesome! You're really awesome! Really really!"

"Hmm, I see you're planning for your future there. That's a very wise move."

"Chris, whatever it is you're doing with your life, you're obviously doing it correctly!"

"31 out of 30 on your precalc test? Sean, clearly you're too good for that class."

"That's some quality French Horn playing, right there, Blake. You're going to go far, for sure."

"Neo! You're the driving force behind a significant amount of great humour in Elite chat. I - we all - appreciate having you around!"

"Bruce, you've clearly got a spark of imagination under that noggin of yours."

"Ben, you're a solid guy, and you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work."

"I can't thank you enough for fixing my PC. Your ability to repair and maintain computers is unparalleled!"

"My site is nothing without its readers. It's a pleasure to have such excellent people as yourself as fans."

"Sarah, may I say you're looking lovely today, as indeed you do every day."

"Dude, that's a quality shirt you're wearing today."

"Eric, you're the MAN. And I mean that."

"Sandman, eh? I must say, that's an excellent choice of comic book."

"Julie, you're a great cook! This chilli is supreme. Mmm, yeah."

"Is that a new piece of jewellery you're wearing today? Yes? No? Well, it looks great on you anyway."

"Dude, your motorcycle is superb. Motorcycles carry far more intrinsic 'cool' than cars. Obviously you take good care of it, too."

"Dave - may I call you Dave? - your latest graphic designs have been truly awesome. Way better than anything I could come up with."

"Dude, I studied maths at university too! Good choice, my man, good choice."

"Jim, I'll say this about you: you're dependable. It's good to know you're always there."

"Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, awright, man!!" *slaps you on the back*

"Wow! You got a new haircut? That's lovely. I really like it."

"Mr. Barber, I have to say, your choice of T-shirt is classy and yet understated. Where did you get it?"


  • Compliments will be unique.
  • Compliments will be approximately one line or 25 words long or something like that.
  • This is a complimentary, that is to say free service.
  • I will compliment anybody who asks, male or female, old or young. But not, like, Hitler.
  • If you would like to request a compliment for somebody else, that's fine, send me their email address.
  • If you would like me to compliment something specific - your new hairstyle, your last round of golf, your attention to detail, your well-behaved dog etc. etc. - then feel free to be specific. The more so, the better; very vague, general comments which can apply to anybody may run out pretty fast. Even providing your name and approximate age is good.
  • If you want to be surprised, simply provide more information for me to choose from.
  • I won't compliment the same person over and over.
  • Compliments will be displayed here, unless you ask otherwise.