Death Surrounds This Machine


Exa comes back to life an instant before hitting the containment shield from the inside at ninety metres per second. It's not enough time to react. He breaks his neck, and dies again.


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2013-03-03 01:19:27 by qntm:

Next full chapter is tomorrow! I couldn't figure out whether to put this paragraph as part of the previous chapter or the next one, so I thought, well, Exa dies at each end of this paragraph, so let's separate it out entirely.

2013-03-03 01:41:48 by CitrusBolt:

You're such a tease, Sam. Looking forward to tomorrow.

2013-03-03 02:16:40 by IanO:

I like the title a lot. It acts a parallel to the Jesus Machine while also including some meta-humor: the short paragraph is almost machine-like, and Exa dies at the end of each paragraph. We might sense that since death was included in the previous chapter, it will also be included in the next chapter, thus surrounding this chapter.

2013-03-03 02:28:05 by qntm:

Good titles are so hard. For this story I've taken to keeping a backlog of them for emergency use.

2013-03-03 05:36:59 by NotImportantRightNow:

So my immediate conclusion is that Exa was bodily thrown against the containment shield. Iiiiinteresting.

2013-03-03 06:30:35 by Mike:

Looks like I wasted my money buying a whole office chair, because TONIGHT I ONLY NEED THE EDGE. Can't wait for the rest!

2013-03-03 06:49:14 by NotImportantRightNow:

@IanO the title is also a quote from The Jesus Machine.

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