Derek Clark's GoldenEye 007 Dictionary

Agent (adj.)

Turn on cruise, strafe to exit, ignore everything. Shoot to get doors open, wait for 1:100 luck on at least three aspects of mission. Stay in same strafe even when it's slower. Get stuck on at least five kneeling guards. Hit B on something, pray to get shot, use anything to boost yourself for 0.1 seconds so you can share the record with eighty other people.

Secret Agent (adj.)

Strafe to exit; kill guy with keycard (on strafe, though you don't need to). Hit B on something twice, warp exit door because you'll need to if you want to tie thirty people that are one second behind Wouter on the mission. Don't plan on getting record, it is better than your Agent time and actually impossible.

00 Agent (adj.)

Strafe to exit; kill exactly one guy for ammo. Hope Natalya doesn't die. Ignore body armour that wastes one second, making it 10,000 times harder to survive. Press Start in crowd of guards, take out item. Press B three times, pray you don't get shot as you strafe through 100 guys in drone gun-infested nightmare finish corridor. Screw up warp on final door. Live once every 900 tries, complete everything twice in average human lifespan, finish 1:00 behind Wouter.

"1st try"

1) accomplished within 10 minutes since that sitting began.
2) 2nd or 3rd try


1) Was hard, but everyone already has this time but you.
2) Ties or beats a Rayola time.

"owned" (alt. - "ownage")

completed; survived.


1) everyone ranked below you
2) Chris Rayola

"failed run"

unachieved, idealized completion time


overused expression meaning "what a marvelous go of it."


1) without getting stuck; lucky
2) an adverb that can be used in any conceivable manner. Has no actual definition.


"learning to kill" - in normal gameplay killing guys is only necessary when they have items we need (exception = Control, Aztec). LTK is a rare opportunity to explore what it's like to kill guys because they are actually a threat to you.

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