The Air Quotation Marks Diversion

This isn't called a "game" since it's not really a game, with players and points and jazz like that. It's more of an amusing diversion. Basically the idea is that during any conversation, you randomly add air quotes, you know, the bunny ears sign you make with your fingers, to one or more of the words you say. Note that if you overuse it, it rapidly becomes very unfunny. Less is more here.

For example, we're at breakfast and somebody's spilled some milk. Which is funnier?

  1. Dude, you spilled some milk!
  2. Dude, you spilled some "milk"!

A sufficiently deranged imagination will instantly recognise the limitless possibilities. A useful variant on this theme is to add the words "...metaphorically speaking" to the end of any sentence you say.

Well, there you have it. I have to go now, I'm off to eBay to sell some of my homemade "toys" for "children".

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