Ed MacPherson is your college whiz-kid hyper-scientist: wormholes, time travel, heavy stellar engineering. When the aliens attack and you need a giant robot to fight them, he's your guy. When a galaxy goes missing, he's the one who misplaced it.

But there's something wrong in the dark layers of Ed's universe - and the problem might just be Ed himself...

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Ed was originally published serially on Everything2, and wasn't republished here on Things Of Interest until later. Read Ed in its original format on Everything2 here:



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2016-03-22 16:49:18 by Ebook format:

Can I donate a dollar to have you send me a pdf or epub of Ed? I have a Sony E-reader and can't read Kindle files.

2016-03-22 16:51:25 by Edit to the above:

My email is bencoyle.123(at)gmail(dot)com

2016-08-30 21:35:46 by Silo:

Why did you close comments?

2016-08-30 21:37:49 by Silo:

I'm attempting to comment on https://qntm.org/retrospective. Let's see if this works.

2017-11-10 22:37:32 by Z3ro:


2017-11-10 22:39:56 by Z3ro:

Is anyone there?

2019-05-21 19:48:06 by battlekruiser:

Woah<br/>That was quite a ride<br/>Thank you!

2022-09-02 17:56:12 by A Friendly Irin:

Just read through this and enjoyed it immensely! I think a significant choice was that you didn't make the awesome super-genius your self-insert. By making your self-insert the everyman audience surrogate instead, it's clear from the start that Ed is a vehicle for sci-fi shenanigans rather than a vehicle to show off your own intelligence. That humility makes the story more approachable, I think.

2022-09-26 20:21:01 by Jonathan:

I have been having some difficulty connecting and don't want to miss an opportunity by assuming it's not a technological miscommunication. I'm trying to find out if the film rights to Ed are available and if you would consider optioning them to me? Fingers crossed.

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