Random Date Of Birth

Refresh for another.

Date range used is from to inclusive. That's a range of 215 possible birth dates, with the latest possible birth date being exactly 18 years ago. (Today is ).

Why do I need a random date of birth?

Because you don't want to give out your real date of birth.

Your date of birth is personally identifying information. It is private, sensitive and valuable. Giving it out makes it easier for people to track you, identify you, locate you in reality, and/or doxx you.

But some websites demand a date of birth when you sign up for an account, because they crave data and they want to track you. So, use this generator to create a fake one.

Should I use the same fake date of birth everywhere?

No. That can be tracked! Use a different one every time.

Should I keep a record of this?

Yes. Some websites will ask you to confirm your date of birth for security purposes in some situations, e.g. to reset a forgotten password. (This is very insecure practice on their part, but it does happen.) So, keep your fake date of birth in your password manager, or wherever you normally store passwords and security question answers.