four thoughts

Evolution has no direction.

If a species can survive and reproduce better by becoming simpler and stupider, then that is what will happen. There is no endgame to evolution. There are no points for intelligence or complexity.

Dang it, people, stop comparing the American and British governments to the Party.

Sure, privacy is swiftly becoming a thing of the past. You'll be watched every moment you spend outside. But they honestly think it'll help. Whereas the people who run the world of George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" set out to inflict torture and oppression, to hurt and grind down their populace on PURPOSE.

The Party are SMART. Our leaders are merely incompetent.

Sand would be an excellent weapon to use in outer space.

On board a spacecraft? Select the most delicate piece of machinery you can find and throw a handful of sand into the works. They'll never get it all out, never ever.

Fighting another ship? Lob a missile full of sand on an approximate intercept course and have it detonate halfway. Detecting and avoiding a grain of sand at a thousand kilometres' distance? Impossible. Odds of being hit by at least one grain while passing through the region? Near certainty. Destruction caused by collision with a single grain at several hundred km/s relative speed? Total.

Wikipedia is not a substitute for education.

Wikipedia is not at liberty to be friendly and conversational. Wikipedia can't say, outright, that a subject is hard, or congratulate you for comprehending it. The best way to learn about, say, electron shells is to start out learning "they fill from the innermost shells outwards" and then, later, learn what the exceptions to the rule are, and why they exist. But Wikipedia can't do that, because that first "approximation" is, while useful to know, flat-out wrong.

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia which means it is written in an encyclopedic way. It gives you the information; that's all. It can only tell you. It cannot teach you.

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