four more thoughts

Here's a good way to tell if a conspiracy theory is a big pile of rubbish:

It's a conspiracy theory.

Seriously. Has there ever been a single conspiracy theory which turned out to be correct? What's the track record there? Zero? Close to zero? If it's a conspiracy theory, it's bunk. It's a safe assumption.

So you think it's okay to torture innocents in order to capture terrorists?

I think the best way to deal with a person like this would be to say to them: "Well, you're innocent. Would it be okay to torture you if it meant we could capture a terrorist?"

And if they still say yes, torture them a bit and ask them again.

Keep going until they say what you want them to say.

Religion is NOT a choice.

You can choose to go through the motions of any religion you like. But deep down, you have to be honest with yourself. There is no magic switch to change what, in your heart of hearts, you actually believe. And if you are just going through the motions, any omniscient being you happen to be worshipping will be able to tell...

Football is the new war.

In Europe, anyway. Association Football, I mean. The old England/Germany rivalry? It all plays out in football form, now. Every European Cup, every World Cup, every time England plays Germany. Same with England/Argentina. I think other countries would have similar examples.

It's healthy. Well, there's the odd riot - idiots who can't grasp that the past is the past - but it's healthier than war, anyway. Let's get a USA/Iraq football match going. Let's get an Iraq/Iran one going. Football matches are surely better focal point for international tension than actual violence.

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