Another movie I want to make.

Basically, it's Apollo 13, only set in the not-too-distant future. And instead of the moon landings, it's faster-than-light travel. The movie's called FTL.

I don't think anybody's ever made a movie about the discovery of faster-than-light travel before, other than possibly Star Trek: First Contact. So it's going to be a sciencey movie about the construction and launch of the first FTL craft. Like Apollo 13, in that a lot of the dialogue will be exceedingly accurate and hence slightly difficult to understand. But the point is: the story is not going to be about aliens or portals to hell. It's going to be about spacemen and scientists doing stuff nobody's ever done before.

Or not. Maybe it doesn't work. The point is that it captures the pioneering spirit of space exploration again, with a view to the future rather than our past accomplishments. It gets people interested in What Could Be again. That's what science fiction is all about, after all.

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