Videogames Are Good For You

Videogames are good for you.

Here are some of the things you will get out of playing videogames.


Videogames need active participation. You need to work to beat them. Playing videogames will teach you concentration, perseverance, dedication, commitment, patience and personal drive. All of which are qualities which would look great on your resumé.


Videogames improve your hand-eye coordination and reaction time. You'll learn skill and dexterity, to think on your feet, to manipulate controls with precision and confidence. Can you imagine somebody getting behind the wheel of a car without those skills? You don't have to: millions of people already do.

More than that, playing cooperative multiplayer videogames in, for example, a clan, will teach you invaluable lessons in teamwork, leadership, efficient communication, and sportsmanship - because if it doesn't, you'll get left behind!

A brain.

Videogames make you think. Videogames are often very difficult, and not in the sense of requiring hundreds of hours of continuous/repeated effort to succeed. Videogames contains puzzles and puzzles force you to think to complete them. Your problem-solving skills, perhaps the best benchmark for intelligence, will be improved, as will your imagination and creativity. That's to say nothing of the undeniable real-world value of being able to figure out what a confusing set of buttons does from scratch.


And there's this one! People always seem to overlook this when they dismiss videogames as a waste of time. Videogames are their own reward. Playing a videogame is as entertaining as watching the television - and considerably better for you. Just look at all the benefits listed above - you won't get any of THEM while slouching inertly in front of the idiot box. Videogames are better than TV.

So there.

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