I wish they'd make a Green Lantern movie

They've made a clutch of Superman movies and the latest is due out very soon. And it's directed by Bryan Singer, who also directed the notable-for-being-rather-good movies X-Men and X-Men 2. They made a bundle of Batman movies - the franchise petered out (i.e. died a horrible neon death) but has relaunched successfully since. A Flash movie (that is, a movie about the DC comics superhero named "Flash", not a movie made in Macromedia Flash) is in the works. A Wonder Woman movie is in the works.

But what we could really use at this point, in my opinion, is a Green Lantern movie. And I shall explain.

Firstly, it's a good time. Superhero movies are doing well, they're good content, they're good investments for movie studios. And the special effects are there. And secondly, Hal Jordan could help fight terrorism. That sounds a little nutty when I put it like that.

"Since 9/11", as the saying goes, 'most everybody in America has become, well, scared. Jittery, fearful of terrorism. And the media, I think, has moved to accommodate this. The most obvious example of this is the news services, which have started preying on people's fears and things. But I think it's spread elsewhere too. There seem to be a lot of horror movies coming out lately. Or am I insane? Is summer horror a regular thing? Well, I dunno.

Anyway, Hal Jordan, the character, is a great hero for a time like this. He's an Air Force test pilot. He's a ladies' man - c.f. James Bond. His ring is the most powerful piece of merchandise in the universe, and it's powered by willpower. But most importantly, he has no fear.

I'm thinking of a very much science fiction movie here. Oa and the Guardians of the Universe would appear. Lantern Batteries and other prominent members of the Lantern Corps and all these things would appear, although most of the action would probably be Earthbound. Maybe another human GL or two or maybe not, it depends how it goes. Anyway, the story I have in mind would be the whole Parallax demon-living-in-the-master-battery thing. Parallax is a villain made of living fear. Hal Jordan has no fear - or, I dunno, he starts out with a bit, but completely conquers it - therefore he wins. That's all I have figured out. But my point is, it would send a message which I've been sending myself for some time now: if you have no fear, you can't be beaten. It would kind of lead the way in a similar way to how Star Trek did in the 1960s.

Also, I think GL, Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman would be enough people to make a Justice League movie, but that's an entirely different ulterior motive.