This is from around April 2015. This was originally part of SCP-2256 but was cut from the finished SCP entry for two reasons. Firstly, this incident log would have appeared at the end of the article, where the "antimemetic corrosion" effect was becoming the strongest. So, by rights, it should have been nearly illegible due to the black boxes covering as many as half of the words. Secondly, the incident log just retreads facts already established in the main body of the article: the Foundation developed a generator to penetrate SCP-2256's camouflage, they took a photograph of one of them, and the photograph killed it. The incident log doesn't reveal any new facts or set the SCP in a new perspective.

Although this was cut, I still consider it canon. The SCP-2256 individual which appears at the very end of Champions Of Nothing is Haku's daughter, Nema.


Incident log, 1992-05-18

...Cox, Ellis, Fasserman and I had been following Haku and her two young since the 15th. Agents Ellis and Fasserman had been off their mnestic dose since we left port. By this time they were no longer able to perceive Haku or her young, or to understand what, exactly, we were following across the ocean. They had completely forgotten that SCP-2256 existed. Although this led to some confusion on their part, they understood the nature of "need to know" and fulfilled their duties obligingly.

At midday on the 18th Dr. Cox declared that she was finished tinkering and, with very little ado, powered her field generator up. We were directly alongside Haku's flank. The two young, Fritz and Nema, were on the other side. When the generator came on, Ellis and Fasserman, who had been warned, were immediately able to see all three creatures. They began to take photographs. Fritz and Nema emitted deep cries which I recognised to be signs of distress. They turned to flee, although very slowly — the creatures are so gigantic that it takes even a juvenile a great deal of time to change direction or speed. Meanwhile, Haku turned to look at us. Her head was so far above us that it was nearly impossible to see, but I knew she could see our boat. She must have been confused. Ordinarily these creatures can never perceive boats, any more than boats can perceive them.

Haku tried to stamp on the boat, but missed. We were too small a target, or maybe she has poor eyesight at that range. The second time, Haku hit the generator, but aside from a loud crunch she did no damage to the generator or the boat, since she had almost no mass behind her.

Haku bent down toward us. It was the closest I'd ever gotten to one of their faces, even after the helicopter recon at the end of the previous year. I shouted for Cox to turn her machine off. Haku vocalised, a low, near-infrasound warbling, a sign of aggression. Then Ellis took a flash photograph of her right eye. It took a few seconds for me to realise that the photograph had killed her.

It took Haku an appalling amount of time to collapse. By the time her abdomen hit the water I had managed to pull the boat back a hundred yards for safety, and Cox had long since turned the machine off.

Rather than follow the juveniles I decided we would stay with the corpse and observe its decay process. Haku lay still on the ocean surface, tossed a little by wind and currents while we took samples and notes. I was expecting her to just sink, but she lacked the density. Instead she simply faded from existence, as if more camouflage was dropping over her in layers, separating her from reality until she could no longer be seen even with mnestics. It took about six hours, finishing around dusk.

Afterwards we searched for three more days, but we were unable to find Fritz or Nema.

— Statement of Dr. Forster, unit chief and research lead, SCP-2256 observation detail Lambda-11

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2020-08-27 20:20:02 by Omegatron:

You could get around the corrosion issue by making it a subpage, you're right though that it wouldn't add much.

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2022-03-21 14:03:27 by It'sY0h:

I wonder what real animal C.gigantes most commonly represents. An elephant? A cat? I initially thought something more along the lines of a brachiosaurus, but the more that I look at the descriptions, the more I feel that Haku and Nema would be canine in appearance.

2022-04-24 22:53:39 by Brozmonaut:

Bummer. Trying to envision these creatures in reality is fascinating. I believe the SCP article mentions them as resembling enormous, spindly giraffes, correct?

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