Incomplete two-word sentences with which to end your life

"What the—?"

"Oh, my—!"

"Unhand my—!"

"James, I—!"

"You'll never—"

"It wasn't—"

"Your holiness—!"

"I love—!"

"Those mushrooms—!"

"How could—"

"No, don't—!"

"The goggles—!"

"Smells like—"

"But surely—"

"What side-effects—?"

"Almond flavoured—?"

"The sky—!"

"I didn't—!"

"You can't—"

"Impossible! They—"

"Ready, aim—"

"My suit—!"

"Your face—!"

"The reactor—!"

"I've forgotten—!"

"Those eyebrows—!"

"But how—"

"But why—"

"But when—"

"Antidisestablishmentarianism isn't—!"

"We're too—!"

"We're saved—!"

"The government—!"

"At last—!"

"But if—"

"Then who—"

"Your MOM—"

"Captain, we've—!"

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