A visceral response

Today I was introduced to Indexed.

Jessica Hagy is not a member of the set 'people who understand Venn diagrams'.

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Discussion (18)

2009-08-24 20:46:02 by Lucas:

Gotta agree, after reading the first page >_

2009-08-24 21:23:51 by Anderson:

Oh my god, what. I tried to read the first page, but...what!?

2009-08-25 01:10:13 by YarKramer:

Darn, from the title, I was expecting some new venue for which I could do a vanity search. I don't know *why*, but.

But yeah. Such a waste of index cards!

2009-08-25 04:53:17 by Cody:

AHHH!!! Does. Not. Compute.

2009-08-25 05:55:10 by Cory:

I love the title of this post. And the Venn diagram is fantastic.

2009-08-25 19:44:10 by BlueMouse:


2009-08-25 22:14:40 by OvermindDL:

Wow, yep, so agree... >.>

2009-08-25 22:31:15 by Mac:

Her diagrams make my head hurt! :(

2009-08-26 13:48:48 by Jake:

hahahahahahah! Thanks for the laugh.

2009-08-26 18:10:43 by Andrew:

Is that a dig at Jeff Rowland/Randall Monroe? I say, sir.

2009-08-27 08:56:30 by qntm:


2009-08-28 04:36:01 by Andrew:

Oh. Well he posted http://overcompensating.com/posts/20090819.html pretty recently so I thought maybe...

2009-08-31 18:40:15 by Paradoxia:

Hows this one?


2009-09-03 15:14:00 by Robert:

Has anyone noticed the faint mathematical equations and writings on the card? It looks like they're on the other side of the card...anyone want to try to decipher it?

2009-09-06 13:27:54 by Seb:

Oh. I...I actually quite like Indexed.

I know it's only pretending to be math, but it makes me smile.

2009-09-08 05:05:02 by Ray:

I think the axes are routinely misplaced... certain graphs make no sense otherwise.

2009-09-09 16:57:48 by Marlene:

The maths is the solving of some recurrence relationship

a_{n+1} = -k a_{n}/(n+1) = A (-k)^{n+1}/((n+1)!)

where A is an initial condition. Nothing that exciting.

2009-11-28 00:21:13 by Rebecca:

Yes, pathetic.
Xkcd does it right, beautifully, hilariously, artistically, intelligently, here's is just rubbish, the same thing over and over.