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2010-02-24 01:04:48 by BryCoBat:


2010-02-24 02:02:31 by hn:

hey that's not quite to scale

2010-02-24 02:39:09 by Andrew:

Is that meant to be how big we are on the grand scale of things, or how important homeopathic medicine is?

2010-02-24 02:41:42 by Val:

It's a pity I don't have one of those new water-memory based monitors, else I could read everything you wrote.

2010-02-24 03:42:12 by Tyler:

Raise your hand if you had to Google homeopathy...

2010-02-24 07:14:13 by Kallman:

Technically, the joke's only truly homeopathic if the period in question was copied from some text that provokes similar symptoms. Plus it's got hardly any power at all - this is what, only 99.98% whitespace? Be serious now.

2010-02-24 11:39:24 by blazingunderscoregrey:

The best part is, when I loaded this page, the period was offscreen and I didn't notice that the scroll bar was active, thereby presenting me with a blank screen and making the joke much funnier.

2010-02-24 17:18:55 by Alex:

Might have shot yourself in the foot with this one. The intent of a joke is to make someone laugh by presenting them with a neat little story, tidbit, or pun. This joke just does it with a period, and does it well. Comparing this to the "reasoning" behind homeopathy, it looks like it actually did what the homeopathetic (remember what I said about puns...) crowd says that homeopathy does. i.e. - Your joke has ACTUALLY transferred meaning and humor (the purpose of the joke) with just a period, just like a water pill would transfer a cure for a disease using diluted water. If it's any consolation, I probably have no idea what I'm talking about, and am told I have a terrible sense of humor.

2010-02-24 17:58:33 by qntm:

A single full stop on its own is not very funny, and produces no feelings of happiness. Of course, the very idea of homeopathy is comical. It's the *meta-joke* that you're laughing at, not the joke.

2010-02-24 18:13:55 by qntm:

Also, since this is a homeopathic joke, and the principle of homeopathy is that "like cures like", the full stop seen here is actually a highly diluted mournful tragedy.

2010-02-25 16:18:43 by Thrack:

Did you delete that empty comment someone made?

2010-02-25 18:14:13 by Lux:

Making original content becomes harder and harder those days :/

2010-02-25 18:26:10 by LabrynianRebel:

I know have a fuller understanding of the cosmos

2010-02-25 21:44:43 by FlyingSagittarius:

I don't get it...

2010-02-26 10:56:42 by Fred:

Wouldn't a homeopathic joke consist of several thousand pages of text, with a very slightly funny joke somewhere in the middle?

2010-02-26 12:23:54 by Imbenarion:

@Alex I think you are confusing homeopathic with placebo.

2010-02-26 21:31:27 by Val:

Actually, homeopathy IS placebo. Only those interested in manufacturing and marketing them say otherwise.

2010-02-27 15:07:37 by Imbenarion:

Regularly, yes, but not always. There are documented cases where homeopathic drugs do have some small, measurable effect that can be linked to the workings of some substance in the drug, rather than just a purely psychosomatic effect. Simply put, where a sugar pill is never intended to be anything other than be a placebo, there is an outside chance that a homeopathic drug may do something, useful or otherwise.

2010-02-28 10:21:54 by Ian:

And now, Imbenarion, the burden of proof lies on you. I have never seen any evidence that homeopathic remedies work in any way other than as a placebo. That is not to say that evidence doesn't exist, but that's why the burden of proof lies on you.

2010-03-01 07:00:19 by Memento:

Homeopathy totally works if you are a Type-I diabetic who needs a really small amount of sugar to make sure you have the insulin equilibrium my extraordinarily limited understanding of the subject tells me you do.

2010-03-02 16:12:40 by Alex:

@ Sam: "the full stop seen here is actually a highly diluted mournful tragedy." That was absolutely hilarious. I concede my argument on the basis that your "highly diluted mournful tragedy" made me meta-laugh instead of meta-cry. Kudos.

2010-03-02 23:41:30 by Stark:

Imbenarion, by definition a homeopathic remedy contains none, not a single molecule even, of whatever the supposed curative agent is supposed to be. If it's actually homeopathic it has no measurable pharmaceutical effect outside of either a mild sugar increase or bit of hydration. There are however products which happily slap the homeopathic label on themselves but do in fact contain useful quantities of pharmaceuticals compounds - whilst be actually effective treatments they are not in fact homeopathic. it's funny really... the knock off products which claim to be homeopathic are actually far far more useful than the original products they mimic. Sad, isn't it?

2010-03-03 08:02:00 by qntm:

Useful or dangerous. "Homeopathic" stuff isn't subjected to the same rigorous scrutiny as medicine. You have no idea what's actually in them.

2010-04-11 21:44:18 by Chris:

I thought the joke was that you open the page and think 'There's nothing in it?' which of course is a common assertion about homeopathy, as the page does it in an unconventional and/or amusing, yet still compact method, this makes it a joke. And then I come along to extract all the humour from it by explaining it. This page is about as meta as you're likely to get.

2010-05-23 11:19:26 by Magdalene:

HA! Made me smile on a rather bleak day. I get it, and even better, I won't ruin a good joke by over analyzing it.

2012-01-17 05:21:27 by Gil:


2016-06-13 18:30:22 by Eragon:

This will always be funny and will only increase in the level of humor as more people read and comment on it. Congratulations Sam! You've made an actual meta-joke with just two characters!

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