The Leaf Game

The Leaf Game is a groovy little game that really kills time during boring school lessons. The premise is simple. You must leave the classroom undetected, go outside, get a leaf, come back (still undetected) and leave the leaf on your teacher's desk. That's pretty much all there is to it. The rules are basically very simple - if you get spotted, it doesn't count. But if you feel like playing seriously, or competing against your classmates, you can start using the points system explained below.

  • Basic leaf run: 10 points
  • Getting spotted by teacher at any time: Lose all points
  • Leaving the room for a legitimate reason e.g. toilet: Lose all points
  • Getting something other than a leaf: Lose all points
  • Damaging school property in the process: Lose all points
  • Making run while the lights are out: -4 points
  • Making run during an experiment/demonstration: -2 points
  • Arranging a diversion as cover for your run: -1 point
  • Getting more than one leaf: No bonus
  • Teacher does not notice leaf before end of lesson: +1 point
  • Taking your school bag with you: +2 points
  • Making more than one run in one lesson: +2 points for each additional run
  • The leaf or leaves are still there the next day: +2 points
  • Successful run from a room not on ground floor: +3 points
  • If the teacher knows about the Leaf Game: +3 points
  • If the teacher is on guard against the Leaf Game: +4 points
  • Two people making runs simultaneously: +4 points for both people
  • Going out the window: +4 points
  • Going through a locked door or window: +5 points
  • Taking more than five minutes: +5 points

If your school has few trees around, or it's not autumn, or you can't reach any of the leaves, anything will do. Pinecones are fine. Conkers, berries, small clean pebbles. However you must not get anything that is a) dirty, b) unsanitary or c) likely to make a mess of the teacher's desk. This is not a malicious game, the idea is not to annoy your teacher. Keep it clean.


I accept no responsibility for disciplinary measures, damage to property or damage to grades incurred as a result of people playing this game... you alone are responsible for your actions, and you alone decided to play. The risk is a part of the game that you accepted when you began playing. And don't skip too much of your lessons, kids. You need to learn.

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