My lifetimer

This is just a little piece of JavaScript - you'll need JavaScript activated in your browser if you want to see it. It is set to count the number of seconds since I was born, at 10:00:00pm UTC on Saturday, November 12, 1983. I don't know if it takes into account the time zone of the computer you're using, or leap seconds (according to Wikipedia there have been ten since I was born), but it should be reasonably accurate. There's plenty of uncertainty about my exact birth time in any case.

The name "lifetimer" comes from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.

2005-02-27: 672,000,000 seconds

2006-01-11: 699,500,000 seconds

I was seven hundred million seconds old at 6:26:40pm on January 17, 2006, but missed the event. Hmm.

Currently it is day .

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