30 More First Drafts

I am attempting to write 50,000 words of fiction in the month of November 2020, most likely in the form of 30 short stories averaging 1,667 words or more. I have done this once before.

These are first drafts, written at lightning speed, with no editing whatsoever. You're going to see plenty of really obvious errors and things which need fixing or rewriting. I see them too! The objective here is to force myself to get some vaguely original ideas out on paper. In December onwards, we'll see whether any of this is worth refining into a finished work.

Today in 30 More First Drafts...


I think this was a fairly productive month! Some of these first drafts turned out much better than others. Here are my subjective top picks, all single-chapter short stories:

What happens next?

As foreshadowed, I gave The Knowledge Cosmic a very light edit posted it to AO3.

The first draft Lena became a completed short story, also named Lena.

As for everything else... wait and see...

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2020-11-01 17:26:47 by P:


2020-11-02 01:15:20 by Adeliz:

Amazing! I still go back and read some of the old first drafts because they're quite imaginative, so I'm fantastically excited for more.

2020-11-03 04:53:41 by Axolotl:

What Adeliz said -- I love the stories from last time you did this. It's going to be great to read these as they're released, so to speak.

2020-11-03 21:44:33 by Giraffe:


2020-11-18 04:29:12 by ebenezer:

Am I the only one who went a few days where the entry of the day didn’t show up in RSS, and then today suddenly the last three or four did?

2020-11-18 10:36:41 by qntm:

No, I forgot to add RSS entries for a few of these, then added them back manually when someone reminded me.

2020-11-24 18:36:12 by Galauxy:

Random idea I had earlier today that this reminded me of and would probably be a terrible story idea: Asimov's Three Laws, but for products. "A product manager may not injure a product or through inaction allow a product to come to harm"

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