Major update

Right. A major update to HTDTE today. I re-examined the list of methods, added some new rules about what's valid or not, moved several highly implausible methods into the Less Scientific section to comply with these rules, re-ordered the remaining methods, changed a large number of feasibility ratings to reflect new evidence, added one new method (Pulverization), shifted as many random contributors' names as I could find into the new Credits section at the bottom of the document to neaten the place up a bit, and answered a whole lot of email.

Soon to come to Sam's Archive - not HTDTE, it'll be a separate page - is a collection of tips and methods for Moving The Earth. Several of the methods above require the Earth to be moved some considerable distance off its usual orbital path, and there are lots of ways we could do it, too many to list here. This will tidy the page up a bit more and also enable me to add some new data. So, stay tuned. I'm also working on that pesky escape velocity calculation for the Meticulous Deconstruction method.

One hundred thousand hits! Sweet Zarquon!