I got a 2:1!

One of the many quirks of Cambridge University is that for some reason, unlike every other Tripos, the Part II and Part III Mathematics results are read out publically from the balcony inside the Senate House at 9am on the day they're released. Then, sheets with the results printed on them are thrown down to the assembled students below. It is an entertaining experience. First they read out the people who got firsts in alphabetical order, then the 2:1s in alphabetical order, and so on. They used to read them in mark order, with the lowest third (i.e. the lowest pass) getting a wooden spoon. But as the wooden spoons got more elaborate people started aiming for the wooden spoon, so they stopped it. (The second-to-last such spoon was awarded to T. Batterby, namesake of our college's mathematical society, and is brought out occasionally for the mathmo dinner. It's about four feet long and ornately decorated.)

Anyway, a moment of particular hilarity came after the 2:1s were finished, when the guy reading the names out stopped, and said he'd missed a column of firsts. Imagine that - thinking you were due for a first, then not having your name read out until at least the 2:2s. Evil! Well, anyway, I got a 2:1.

It remains to be seen whether I'll be able to do Part III - or indeed whether I still want to. At the Part III meeting a week or so ago it was made abundantly clear to me that Part III is very, very hard. And scary. But if I don't do it, I have absolutely no plans whatsoever for all of future time, eep.

May Ball tomorrow!

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