So Iraq '03 has cost the USA over $200bn so far. TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS. What I'd have liked to see is that exact same amount of money plugged into converting the entire USA to a hydrogen economy. For that much cash, you could probably install all the necessary infrastructure - it'd take time, but I think you'd be within budget. Then not only would there be no reason to go to war with oil producing countries, or exploit Alaska, but also "gas" prices would drop to sensationally low levels, pollution from the world's largest polluter would drop by a huge amount, the environment would be better off, and, by losing its dependence on oil, America would become a stronger country overall! And the money would be made back, which is more than I can say for the Iraq war.

And the worst part is, this COULD HAVE HAPPENED. Obviously, the USA had the cash! Give any person in the entire world the choice between converting to a hydrogen economy with all its benefits, and going to war with Iraq, and I would have severe doubts about the mental health of anybody who chose the latter.

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