In which Sam and his Elite friends get a quote into the Bash Top 200

Fame! Of an anonymous sort.

You may or may not be aware that I am an active member of The Elite and have been for many years. You may also be aware (or not) that after several successful Quote Of The Day competitions, Elite member Ryan Dwyer created the Elite Quote Database, a site similar to but in certain ways significantly different from well-known quote site (For one thing, there's an upper limit on quote ratings.) There are some very, very good quotes on the QDB (although several good ones and Ryan's entire second version of the site were lost to ineptitude when his host's server got borked, and a lot of the rest would be lost on non-Eliters).

Anyway, it's always been our dream - well, some people's dream - to take some Elite quotes and penetrate the mainstream, i.e. get them listed on Bash. Reformatting a few candidates for more universal appeal, we have had some success with this. But not as much as we've had now!

This quote, posted by me in Elite Chat some months ago, has been on the QDB for a while. Acting alone, I decided to re-word it to make it funnier (you can decide for yourself how successful I was in this) and submit it to Bash. And it was accepted! And it gained thousands of votes! And, when my fellow Eliters seized on this (they seemed more enthusiastic about the whole prospect than me, to be honest), they arranged for further votes to pour in and, shortly before the quote dropped off the Latest 50 listings, voted it up far enough to sneak into the lower end of the Top 200 list. And it's still rising! SHAZAM!

Great! But not really as great as it could have been. For one thing, there's nothing to connect the quote to the Elite or to me unless the reader takes it upon himself to Google for "samsim", which is my screenname in many regions. Meaning publicity-wise, submitting quotes to is all but pointless. For another thing, it's not my quote. In fact, it's not even an original work of my mate James, whom I got it from. Or even from the guy HE got it from! Turns out it originally comes from some stand-up comedian. So I can't claim credit, for two completely different reasons!

Still, it is a pretty funny quote.

Heheh. Lions.

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