Well, I haven't checked in in a while on account of being too lazy and nothing happening to me. But now something is happening: I'm going back to Data Connection to see if I can land a graduate position. I go on Wednesday (tomorrow) and stay the night, interviews continue all day Thursday and I come home Thursday night. I'd be all confident about this - although I haven't stayed in a hotel for about ten years, so that'll be new - if it wasn't for the fact that they've asked me to give a 30-minute presentation. On anything I want. I was sorely sorely tempted to use "How To Destroy The Earth" as my subject but given 1) I haven't spoken in public for a very very long time and 2) I hate it and 3) I don't consider myself to be very good at it, the additional prospect of getting up in front of people with a straight face and telling them how to destroy the Earth was enough to make me feel ill. I've settled for "Web Design" which is another subject on which I essentially have the essay ready-written, see the Internet section. Though I have had to tone down the... erm, tone slightly.

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