This is insanely annoying

This is insanely annoying.

  1. My computer keeps crashing every now and then, for absolutely no reason I can discern.
  2. If it crashes during a DC download, I lose all the progress on that download and have to start from where I left off previously - if it's a movie, I can lose about 500MB of progress.
  3. I can't install the most recent version of BCDC++ in any way shape or form: it always crashes when I try to run it, for reasons unknown, but it says "Your OS [Win98SE] is too primitive to send a bug report".
  4. Whenever I run Azureus it sucks up bandwidth to the extent that I can't use the internet in the meantime: I can be downloading using BT or surfing, but not both (despite throttling).
  5. If I try to resume one of the previously mentioned DC downloads which was running during a crash, it says "Access is denied." and there's no way to resume it.
  6. I can't watch video files without my comp crashing: sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but it always crashes.
  7. All these problems only manifest themselves while I'm at college: when I'm at home with no internet connection, there is no problem at all.

If anybody has the faintest idea what could be causing all this I would dearly like to know what it is, and how it can be fixed.

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