So here we are

So here we are... final formal, final slack, final booze-up, final people-gathered-around-the-television-playing-Monkey-Ball this side of exams. If we have any sense, at least. I'm enjoying it while I can. I took a few days' break after completing CATAM: tomorrow, I begin work on example sheets left over from last term, after that are supervisions left over from the term BEFORE last, then revision supervisions - I'll be lucky if I can get them done with enough time to do some serious revision before exams begin on a date still I don't yet know.

I'll be lucky if I manage to get any revision done at all. I need to put up a big sign saying "must do work, must get a First, will not fail!" and get into the habit of getting up at the same time I usually do when lectures are on...

Must do work! Exterminate!

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