WOW. Anybody out there not currently using Mozilla Firefox is insane. Disregarding the fact that it is far superior to Internet Explorer, having such indispensable applications as a Google search box and a popup blocker built in, it is also host to an amazing extension called Adblock. Adblock, I can say without hyperbole, is the single most incredible application ever devised in terms of usefulness-to-filesize ratio. After installing it, you can specify URLs and wildcards for Mozilla to not render as part of web pages. To put it another way, you can right-click ad banners and remove them. Forever. It'll be dynamically removed from the web page, in most cases not even leaving an empty gap. You can use * as a wildcard to block the output of entire major commercial websites like You can block Flash and particular JavaScript applications too: you can browse sites such as Yahoo! GeoCities, Hotmail and the evil, hatefully ad-swamped message boards of Ezboard without seeing a single ad. Why pay money to move to an ad-free message board of your own devising, when you can strip them all out so seamlessly? Recently Ezboard started adding banners in between posts. And my message to the people who are complaining about that kind of thing is: get Firefox and Adblock, or shut up.

And the best bit? Adblock is about 70 kilobytes. Freeeeeeeeeoooooow.

On roughly that topic, check out the Elite Chat Quote of the Day for yesterday (Wednesday 19th). Note: Stickmansam 1024 is me.

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