Looking back over music history

Looking back over music history, it seems like the immortal musicians of any given era have been the ones which captured the spirit of that era rather than necessarily being the best or most popular musicians. For example, Jimi Hendrix (although he was good, I won't deny it) WAS the Sixties. Bob Dylan. Queen. Nirvana. The Cold War, the sexual revolution, MTV, depression and grunge. So what it seems to me that we are missing in this age is an artist which captures the spirit of the current era. If somebody could do this, they would live forever.

Of course, the tune to which world events have been dancing for the last half-decade (and likely will be dancing for the next half-decade) is terrorism. Fear and patriotism. A powerful mix. So all you need to do is make a band called "Terrorism". Or, preferably, "Antiterrorism". Play some scary music, or some patriotic music. Then you'd be set to live forever.