Holy cow, I updated it

Holy cow, I updated it.

I spent ALL OF TODAY going through the past two months of accumulated mundicide-related email, answering it and where appropriate updating the main document. I think I spent about eight hours total answering email today - there were about eighty altogether, which may not sound like much until you consider that about half of them were useful contributions which therefore required me to do some writing to work them into the document. I think there are about four entirely new methods for destroying the Earth in the latest version of HTDTE. Several existing entries have been significantly reworded and updated, at least one was relegated to "impossible" and one outright deleted for being stupid, not to mention a HUGE number of new methods from fiction. Basically, even if you've already read HTDTE, read it again, you will find a lot which you never saw before.

Enormous though this update was, there still remains work to be done. Several people correctly remarked that Von Neumann Machines was basically a subsection of Meticulous Deconstruction, and at some point I would like to add some more careful exploration of the huge quantities of energy involved in each of the methods. And the fictional methods need sorting and grouping better. But that's for another day. I am tired and have had too much Earth-destruction for one day.

Did I mention I got an email from Bram Cohen? A serious email about destroying the Earth? From THE Bram Cohen? Now that's pretty cool, I reckon.