The End Of College

Well, that's it. It's over. I'm not a student anymore. I'm just plain old unemployed. Back to the real world. The real world sucks.

I got my result - it was a low 2:1, so I won't be able to do Part III. I graduated - that was an amusing ceremony involving four of us each holding one of Oliver Rackham's fingers in what I'm sure was an extended fart joke. I got my degree. Returned my ridiculous BA hood and madness. Packed everything into the car and headed home. That was all on the 30th of June. Since then I've just been... not updating this site. Didn't have the inclination. My new computer arrives soon. Gonna have to find a job soon too. Don't know where. Don't know what I'll be doing. Maybe programming.

Turns out my illness was just a cough/cold/wossname which is clearing up now.

I'm not one to quote meaningless lyrics but the last song I played on my computer before packing it up and bringing it home was Stairway To Heaven. If you do some mental gymnastics you can crowbar some significant meaning into those words. Winding on down the road, shadows taller than our souls, yeah, whatever.

My time at Corpus Christi College was the best I ever spent. Thank you, everybody. It was amazing. I wanna go again.

What a waste, future self.

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