Reservations about the next generation

I haven't read IGN since it became a single gigantic ad. I basically get my game news from... well, to be honest, I have no regular source of gaming news. I just listen to other people's conversations. But anyway, read this.

This is EXTREMELY bad news for Nintendo. They are going to get annihilated by the Xbox 360 this Christmas and the Revolution is going to be stillborn. If I was still into videogames in any serious way, I'd be unhappy. :(

Besides which I have reservations about Twilight Princess in any case. The fact that the engine hasn't evolved significantly since OoT doesn't worry me. Majora's Mask was an AMAZING game in almost every way imaginable; the engine for that game was as perfect as it needed to be. No improvements are needed on that score. The thing that annoys me is that the game looks poor. I mean, it looks like a Dreamcast game! Jerky animation! Dull, greyed-out colour schemes! Neon-on-black ill-advisably borrowed from Wind Waker! Where is the colour? Where is the sense of vision, of passion, of grandeur, of awe? Tunnels and forests and fields, BORING! Square rivers! Perfectly transparent water! Green, brown, brown, green!

Majora's Mask had better graphics. Majora's Mask was better than any modern-era Zelda game. Because everybody who worked on the game understood about emotion. That's something neither this game nor Wind Waker has ever sparked in me. This is the thing that people get carried away with. Photorealism isn't necessary or important or even RELEVANT in videogames. Pushing more polygons per square inch second is as damaging to the videogame creation process as unimaginably fast processors are to the concept of creating EFFICIENT code in computer applications. Where's the soul?