Piracy Calculator Spike #2

Well, once again the Piracy Calculator hits the mainstream, even harder than last time. It seems I've been linked by Ebaumsworld, Blue's News, a variety of Dutch sites and heaven knows what else; the spike in hits is about twice as high as the previous one.

What really rattles me about all this is the Piracy Calculator is nothing. It's just a weeny little piece of JavaScript which anybody could have made and doesn't really tell you anything, yet it's getting more hits than anything else on this site. Admittedly most of the remainder of my site is pretty useless, but some of it I really worked hard on, and it would be sad if it really turned out that the cheap, quick, easy stuff was the most efficient way to get hits.

And again I find myself wondering what I can possibly do next which would live up to what I've already done.