Geocide podcast!


With less than two weeks to go until exams begin, I am HEAVILY involved in revision right now, but I'll take some time out to announce a couple of very cool things. Firstly, Slacker Astronomy, with my permission, featured HTDTE during one of their podcasts. You can download the whole podcast from them here. It's a lengthy show (and worth listening to, featuring as it does the legendary Phil Plait), but if you want you can skip forward to 60:40 where they mention me. :)

Secondly,'s months-in-the-making version of HTDTE has finally gone live. I'd like to extend a special welcome to anybody bouncing onto my site from LS. I hope you enjoyed their "Top 10 Ways To Destroy Earth" article and I hope you can find more to like in the full-length version, and indeed the rest of the site.

I WILL answer all of your email eventually, and I WILL be turning "Mundicide" back into "Geocide" when I can find the time, but not right now. Thanks for reading.