tightened it up considerably

I went through the stylesheet and tightened it up considerably. It's amazing how much of an effect simply increasing the border around the edge of the page can have on what this site looks like; from a 25-pixel border to a 50-pixel border seemingly changed the place from a regular site-type site to a place of almost Japanese elegance. To my eyes, at least. As a wise individual once said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may think otherwise, though I did check every resolution down to 640x480 (I'm at 1280x1024 which gives me something of a biased viewpoint when it comes to determining what does and doesn't look cluttered on a website) and it still doesn't overflow even at that scale. I don't think many major commercial websites can say that. Best viewed with IE6/32bit colour/1204x768 or better my foot, my site looks fine in Lynx. My site looks fine in a text-to-speech renderer. I love XHTML and CSS. Ooh, I do. They appeal to my logical mind. I really, really hate badly-designed websites. There is absolutely no excuse for it. Flash? WHO THE HELL INVENTED FLASH? Somebody needs to get the word out to the world that FLASH IS USELESS FOR WEBSITES. You know what Flash is good for? Looking cool. AND NOTHING ELSE. It certainly isn't any use for having a site that is universally accessible, logically laid out, easy to use, quick to browse, non-jerky, doesn't take an aeon to load or suck processing power...

I also subtly altered some stuff behind the scenes which means when you view the site without a stylesheet the layout is still clear - titles are bigger and bolder than subtitles and so on. This won't make much difference to your regular browsing but I thought I'd mention it.

I have a forum which could use some revitalisation, so anybody interested in discussing stuff from this site - or not - is welcome to go post there. I suggest loading up with Mozilla Firefox and the superlative-defyingly amazing extension Adblock beforehand as Ezboard is swarming with adverts. In fact, I suggest doing this anyway. Often to complete strangers.