The first HTDTE spike

Freeow. HTDTE has been getting unheard-of numbers of hits recently - as in, over five hundred per day for the past week. Just passed ten thousand total. I don't know whether you care about this but it rather dazzles me. I've never had anything I've done receive that kind of attention before. StickManStickMan by comparison received an average of 100 daily hits over its entire run. This rather raises the question of where I go from here. What can I possibly follow it up with? There's a whole load of other content on my site - including some fiction I'm particularly proud of - but is that enough? I hope to add a page called "The Riemann Hypothesis For Dummies" in the Mathematics section just so that when somebody proves it, people have something to refer to when wanting to find out what on Earth the Riemann Hypothesis is. Of course, having said that I'll do something usually stops it ever happening.

The other question is, now I have lots of attention, what do I do with it? Try to make some money out of it? I can't put ads up: I'd become everything I ever hated, and a total hypocrite. Also I'm not sure my host would permit it. Sell T-shirts? Bah! Offer a service? Like what? Help with anything up to high school mathematics? Intricate knowledge of OoT for cash? I don't know.