Sunrise, sunset

Sunrise, sunset. My wallet has broken. It is no longer usable.

My wallet was given to me by - I believe - my great-aunt Ruth before I even entered secondary school. It comes from the Netherlands somewhere, I think, and is very, very simple - just a rectangle thing with four zips, each leading into a different pocket in the interior of the rectangle. The zips are red, green, yellow and blue and have little rubber things which I pinched from the doors of the lockers at school to make them cooler - and easier to pull. Since time immemorial (i.e. roughly ten years ago) I have kept my cash in one pocket and cards in another, with the thing folded in half in my pcoket. Now, a decade on, three of the zips have failed. Within about a fortnight of each other.

If that isn't a small standard deviation I don't know what is. So I am currently trying to figure out how to avoid going all the way into the centre of Nottingham just to buy a new wallet. In the meantime, however, the new computer I've been meaning to buy since October has finally arrived! Shiny toy! Black Evesham Axis 64 KD: 1GB RAM, 250GB HDD, 256MB Radeon X700 graphics card, DVD burner, card reader, all mod cons. No monitor though: am keeping my current 17-inch CRT until big TFTs become a little cheaper and more reliable. It has served me well so far, I would have reservations about throwing it out in any case.

At this point I want to discuss computer names. My original PC - £1075 from Systemax a LONG time ago - I dubbed Thunderbird 1 as it had an AMD Athlon Thunderbird processor and it was my first computer, and I also like Thunderbirds. Recently it was decided for the sake of simplicity to name all the other PCs in the house. The ancient, ancient, deathly ill Pentium 75 my Dad inherited from work was named Jeff, after Jeff Tracy. Dad called his current PC - the one I'm using now - Ringo, because he likes the Beatles. And, trying to keep with the Thunderbirds theme which Dad just broke, my new one has been dubbed Firefly, after the fire-fighting piece of equipment Thunderbird 2 carried, NOT after the brilliant science fiction television show whose movie is due out soon.

So anyway, I successfully networked Thunderbird 1 and Firefly together through a hub which can only manage 10Mb/s so transferring my hundred gigs or so of TV/movies/anime will take a projected 22 hours. Still, pretty proud I managed it. There is absolutely NO information on the internet which I could find which actually sits you down and explains things like "set your subnet mask to, then do this, then do this" in the format I needed. Or the different between patch and crossover cables and why one is not a substitute for the other.

Also the scissors on my keyring are busted. Grrr. But I now have a key to the inside of my computer case on my keyring instead.

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