"Omnidroid" is the name of a series of robots in the Disney/Pixar movie The Incredibles. There are at least ten known Omnidroid designs and varying amounts of information can be deduced about each one from what we observe in the movie. Obviously there are spoilers ahead.

Key scenes for constructing this guide include the scene where Bob first fights an Omnidroid, his second encounter in which he meets Syndrome, the scenes involving Syndrome's computer and the final Omnidroid fight in Municiberg. Determining which Omnidroid is which can become extremely confusing; there appear to be at least two subtly different Omnidroid numbering systems employed in the movie, several of the robots are physically identical, the blueprints often don't match up, and there is one highly confusing verbal contradiction as well.

Omnidroid v.X1

Appears only as a graphic on Syndrome's computer. According to the computer, this features "treaded locomotion, ??ni-sensory display, bi-articulated grappling claws". Physically it looks like a tin can on wheels, though given the text, and that we only ever view it from the front, they are probably actually caterpillar tracks. It has two arms and a single eye at the front. Very primitive. Beats Universal Man, Psycwave and Everseer. Beaten by Macroburst.

Omnidroid v.X2

Appears only as a graphic on Syndrome's computer. Its partially obscured entry is: "Features: Bipedal locomotion, ??ni-directional sensory array, ???articulated grappling claws". It is the same tin can, with the same arms and eye, but now has a pair of legs. Beats Macroburst, Phylange, Blazestone, and possibly others. Defeated by an unknown party (presumed to be Downburst).

Omnidroid v.X3

Again, we only see this as a design on Syndrome's computer. "Features: Suspended tri-pedal locomotion/grappling claws, unidirectional sensory array". Its feature set suggests an improvement on the v.X2 with the same eye, but with three combination legs/arms instead of two of each. However, the picture used in the movie is actually exactly the same as that used for the v.X1. This is probably Pixar's mistake - or, if we want to be pedantic, Syndrome's. Beats Downburst (and possibly others earlier). Beaten by Hyper Shock.

Omnidroid v.X4

Another computer-only model. This features "Quadra-pedal locomotion/grappling claws, quadra-directional sensory array". Physically it looks like a tall, upside-down egg spaceship thing with four legs and four eyes (one pointing in each direction), and appears to be smaller than previous Omnidroids. The v.X4 beats Hyper Shock, Apogee, Blitzerman, Tradewind and Vectress. Defeated by Gazerbeam.

Omnidroid 5

Another computer-only model. For this particular Omnidroid, the exact number is never visible onscreen. However, a little logical deduction from other information in the movie places it as the fifth iteration of the Omnidroid design. It "Features: Quadra-pedal lo??? omni-articulated grappling ???" and resembles a traditional alien flying saucer, with four legs, flattened on the top, tapering at the bottom. Beats Gazerbeam and Stormicide; defeated by Gamma Jack.

Omnidroid 6

As before, all we see of this is a graphic. Its number is again obscured but since it comes right after the Omnidroid above it must be the sixth Omnidroid. "Features: Quadra-pedal ??? omni-articulated grapplin???" It is the first Omnidroid to have a perfectly spherical body. It still has four legs, and has a familiar sensor cluster on top of its head (though none underneath its belly - a design shortcoming which will be fixed in the next upgrade). The Omnidroid 6 closely resembles later Omnidroids, just with fewer legs. Beats Gamma Jack and possibly others. It is never seen to be beaten by anybody specifically - in fact, it might remain unbeaten. The supers-fighting-Omnidroids sequence which Bob watches is implied to end at this point. This suggests to me that this model may have simply been retired in favour of the...

Omnidroid 07

This Omnidroid is the one whose blueprints Bob is shown in Mirage's message. As she is talking, various blueprints for the Omnidroid 07 flick past the screen. It is a straight upgrade from the Omnidroid 6: the 07 has a spherical body, five legs, and four-pointed claws. The "bipolar" sensory array is very briefly visible if you use freeze-frame and squint, as is the core or "brainpan" which will become a critical point of failure in all later-model Omnidroids. By the time Bob comes to Nomanisan Island for the first time, the 07 has also been retired.

Omnidroid 9000

This is the Omnidroid of which Mirage shows blueprints during Bob's first briefing. It could be:

  • The 07, because its blueprints are all precisely the same as those of the 07 which we saw above
  • The 08, because it's strongly implied that this is the robot Bob fights next, and that robot is clearly marked "08"
  • The v.X9, because Mirage refers to it as the "Omnidroid nine thousand"
  • Some entirely different Omnidroid (unlikely)

Frankly it's impossible to tell, which is why I've called it the 9000 and not bothered to look further. A little additional text can be seen in the blueprints if you freeze the frame as the transparent screen first slides up: "AI Rev 4.0 / Pentilateral l?? / Bisymetical se?? / Articulated gr??" The phrase "AI Rev 4.0" combined with the fact that almost all the later Omnidroids look exactly like this one suggests that it's artificial intelligence upgrades, not structural enhancements, which become most significant in later Omnidroids. Note also the misspelling of "Bisymmetrical".

Omnidroid 08

This is the first Omnidroid that Bob fights - the one where they end up in lava. During the fight, you can clearly see a big "08" stencilled on its shell. I know what you're going to say: During the briefing, Mirage calls it the Omnidroid 9000. But consider that firstly, that briefing is basically a complete lie anyway, and also, it's later established that the upgraded version of this robot, the robot that eventually beats Bob, was the v.X9. Which makes this one the 08. It makes sense.

The 08 beats an unknown number of supers (probably zero, to be honest) before it is destroyed by Mr. Incredible.

Omnidroid v.X9

After Bob defeats the 08, Syndrome takes the design and significantly upgrades its intelligence and speed. This new droid is able to defeat Mr. Incredible within seconds, getting to within inches of cutting Bob's head off in his surprise "meeting" with it. It is physically identical to the 08, the 9000 and the 07 - which is interesting, because that gives it five legs meaning that during the almost-cutting-Bob's-head-off sequence it was resting on just two! The v.X9 is later seen in Syndrome's computer, where it is recorded as having beaten Mr. Incredible - which is broadly speaking true. The computer also adds "??atures: Omni-directional, trans-universal ???ulation, bi-polar sensor clusters". The Omnidroid v.X9 is never beaten, simply retired to make way for the:

Omnidroid v.10

The final-model Omnidroid as seen on Syndrome's computer (though nowhere else! see below). The lack of an "x" in its version number suggests to me that it is the first Omnidroid not to be considered experimental. This Omnidroid is again physically identical to the v.X9, the 08, the 9000 and the 07. It is depicted in the computer plan as the Omnidroid which is loaded onto the rocket and launched to attack Municiberg. Which is again interesting, as it has significant physical differences from the Omnidroid which actually attacks Municiberg:

The Omnidroid that attacks Municiberg

Unlike any previous Omnidroid, seen in reality or blueprints, this Omnidroid has six legs. It is also absolutely vast, about eight times as large as the five-legged 08 that Mr. Incredible fought. Moreover it has a laser cannon attached to its top head, a feature not seen previously. If this is indeed the real Omnidroid v.10 above, then we can simply conclude that Syndrome was again being careless with his computer blueprints.

Omnidroid 9 vs. Municiberg Omnidroid

To be honest, the O9 was far superior to what I shall call the MO. Think about it.

  • O9 was defeated by being tricked into pulling out its own brainpan. It was the only thing strong enough to penetrate itself. The MO had exactly the same vulnerability and was beaten in almost exactly the same way. Shouldn't it have been made stronger?
  • The O9 just collapsed after its brain was removed. The MO collapsed and exploded violently! Quite a step back!

Personally I think the issue here was lack of testing. Syndrome established that the O9 could beat Mr. Incredible, but made the mistake of upgrading its structure considerably without making sure it still worked before launching it against Municiberg. There were still teething problems with the new, larger shell which Syndrome had been too arrogant to test for, and they came back to bite him... along with the superior AI.