Push Button Codes for Perfect Dark

Let me start this article with a quotation.

Rareware, 2001-05:

"Look. We've told you that there are no push-button codes in PD. If there were, and we wanted to keep them quiet, we wouldn't address the issue at all. We wouldn't lie about it to your faces. Despite what you seem to think, we didn't do that with GoldenEye (the GE push-button codes were only ever intended for Testing purposes and were hacked, not officially released, at a later stage), and we've no intention of doing it now."

Rareware, 2004-03-02:

"Perfect Dark and GoldenEye are two different games. It was a human and as I said before, external decision to place the push button codes into GoldenEye, since the method of unlocking levels made it difficult for NOA and Rare to test quickly. The method of progression between levels in Perfect Dark was subtly different, and so the codes were not needed. We are under no obligation to use anything from previous games, and we will always try to improve on what we have done before, as well as reacting to changes in technology. Check out the FAQ websites for advice on how to approach each level. I can't give you the cheats you want because there are no push button codes in Perfect Dark [emphasis mine]. All of the cheats can be unlocked by playing the game. You have the potential to do that yourself. You don't spend the time, you don't get the cheats, which sounds perfectly reasonable to me."

Oh, and one last one. Rareware, date unknown:

"There. Are. No. Push. But. Ton. Codes. For. Per. Fect. Dark."

When Rareware released GoldenEye for the N64 back in 1996, there were only 23 cheats in the game. These were all there to be unlocked by achieving especially fast times on certain levels. You couldn't get them using any kind of code (except Gameshark codes, which don't count). However, there was one complicated button code, which, when entered at the "select character" screen in mulitplayer mode, allowed players to use about two dozen new hidden characters. Mainly they were members of Rareware's staff, and only included as a joke.

Several years later, extensive hacking by a number of people revealed that other button codes were included in GoldenEye as well. For each single-player mission, there was a code to unlock it without completing the preceding levels. For each time-reward cheat, there was a code to unlock it without completing the time challenge - in addition, a 24th time cheat, "Line Mode", could be unlocked. "Line Mode" had been removed from the game before it was released. Not to mention, of course, other codes which could be entered to unlock Invincibility or various other cheat modes mid-game. Entering these cheats allowed the player to complete the level illegitimately, but still have the completion counted on their player file, unlike the normal cheats.

Rareware went on record, saying that such cheats are included in many other games by many other companies as well. They are debug codes, designed to aid playtesters while they try the game out. Since the codes are so long and convoluted, the chances of a player stumbling on them accidently are astronomically unlikely. Therefore they are usually left in the game permanently, and, if the games company wishes, they can be released to the general public - and this often happens. But Rare DID NOT release the GoldenEye push-button codes (PBCs) officially. They were discovered independently thanks to hard work and hacking. The only clue to their discovery had been the extra characters code, which HAD been released officially.

In 2000, Perfect Dark, the follow-up to GoldenEye, was released by Rareware. In the style of its predecessor, and in addition to the game's many new features, the game had many time-challenge cheats that could be unlocked by the player.

And the question on everybody's lips was:


And the answer, of course, is:


Let me repeat that for those of you who are morons.


Rare themselves have said on many, many occasions that the PBCs were removed for the final release. Rareware would not lie to millions of people like this. They could be taken to court for perjury, for starters.

A lot of people use the argument that "Rare said the same thing about GoldenEye and look what happened, ah ah ah!" Well, they didn't. They never confirmed nor denied that GoldenEye had button codes in it, which is sufficient to undermine your argument. NOBODY EVEN ASKED.

Of course, using a Gameshark all things are possible. "Line Mode" in GoldenEye was found long before the PBCs were, by using a Gameshark. All the cheats, levels, weapons and features in PD can be unlocked in the same way. But Gamesharks are Gamesharks. Call 'em what you like, but they aren't PBCs.

To everyone who came here looking for PBCs: stop trying to cheat like a pansy and play the game properly. It's an awesome, amazing game. It's SOOO much better to work out how to play the game, and go fast and earn the cheats properly. You get the sense of achievement. You KNOW you don't suck. So play the game properly and earn your reward instead of trying to cheat your way through life. Cheats never prosper.

What's that? You say you're not good enough at the game to get the cheats? Well, then, you don't get the cheats! That's the whole point! You suck! No reward! Go get better.

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