cripes does anybody remember Google People

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2020-01-02 13:30:51 by qntm:

Many thanks to everybody who participated, and extra special thanks to everybody who bought it.

2020-01-02 16:48:16 by Max:

SCP-GOOGLE (466453)?

2020-01-02 18:49:02 by Andrew:

"of course your life sucks and you hate it, you're a poorly correlated kludge of social media activities living in a universe run by Google employees who hate you" I think this quote can find some good use out of context.

2020-01-05 16:28:35 by Tyler:

I'm not sure I understand the context. Did Qntm actually post all these on Twitter, or is this a fiction post written in a unique format?

2020-01-05 16:39:38 by Glenn:

It appears to be a fiction post written in the unique format of Qntm having posted all these on Twitter, and then later copied them here.

2020-01-05 20:47:47 by qntm:

Tyler: yes, if you follow the links you can read the original series of Twitter threads in their proper context. Start here:

2020-01-07 16:38:34 by Twennydet:

Fantastic. Thanks for the read.

2020-01-13 09:15:11 by jonas:

The formatting of the post starting with "the current director" is messed up on this page.

2020-01-13 09:45:03 by qntm:

If you're seeing what I think you're seeing, no, I genuinely forgot the right-parenthesis and added it in a separate Tweet.

2020-01-13 14:22:25 by jonas:

Ah, you're right.

2020-01-14 21:29:10 by doge:

wtf this sounds fake pics plz

2020-01-17 22:49:43 by anon:

Interesting. I hope the remaining tweets that are links are added here fully so they don't succumb to link rot.

2020-01-18 01:10:58 by qntm:

I have the relevant tweets' contents and suchlike backed up. If the tweets disappear I'll render fake ones, maybe with fake attributions or something.

2020-02-01 14:37:54 by Timepoof:

I love this

2020-02-16 00:17:59 by Anon:

I actually started wondering if this was real at some points. Nice.

2020-03-06 23:54:47 by hunterwho:

Okay, yeah, this is a cool epic idea. Given, all your ideas are. The formatting of them as actual Tweets, with corresponding responses and all, reminds me of almost a 17776 format? (What with it being a sci-fi-esque story posted in weird format on a relatively popular sports news website.)

2020-03-07 00:19:05 by qntm:

Well that's a flattering comparison, thank you.

2020-03-21 19:24:30 by chris:

This is so good. I didn't know you had works outside of SCP and I'm super glad to have found this site.

2020-08-18 11:40:25 by mamapapaxp:

Discovered you through Tom Scott. This was the first story of yours that I have read and Bravo! Enough nuggets of internet history to to lend an air of nostalgia to an ageing (50+) netizen, liberally spiced with enough confection to make me doubt my memories of the period and contemplate (albeit just for a short while) if I was mis-remembering. As the denouement approached (and realisation dragged a slow grin across my face) I wasn't sure if I was rooting for the trapped phantasm, or the narrator, (or a guillotine by way of profile deletion...) I would only suggest (beg for) a slightly slower, longer reveal but that's just me being selfish and greedy. I want more. Looking forward to the rest of your work. Live long , stay safe and, for pity's sake, use a VPN so your avatar's can't track you down....

2020-12-24 16:17:05 by Xtine:

Honestly one of the best creepypastas on the web

2021-02-28 21:08:07 by Tasha:

I read this entire story without knowing that it was actually tweeted. Upon finishing, I looked up the username and was amazed that it was actually done on twitter. Very interesting style and medium. Love your stories.

2021-03-13 11:28:55 by henrebotha:

I saw this unfold in real time on Twitter and had such a laugh at the people taking it to be true.

2021-05-05 10:25:39 by FroodOfHoops:

Oof this is extraordinarily well done. I think if I'd been following this on Twitter in real time I would have been really genuinely unsettled.

2021-05-06 22:12:38 by Kenneth:

Is it weird that I think this is more Lovecraftian than some of his actual short stories?

2021-05-19 03:15:24 by cyanide:

until I looked at the comments I was certain this was real. this is so well done

2021-07-15 20:07:14 by iMplode-nZ:

Now I want to make an elgoog-like website with a static display of "google people as it was in 2010" or something.

2021-12-19 17:46:24 by Kronopath:

Looks like some of the quote-tweets did in fact get deleted. It might be time to restore some of those from the backup again.

2022-01-15 15:25:50 by Mameluke:

I'm glad you escaped, Google QNTM, but jeeze you gotta escape Twitter next!

2022-02-24 14:22:14 by JoeMama1265:

Really cool story, wish that we could have gotten more of a slow reveal and a bit more of the horror from the fact that these fake people are trying to get out of this Google hellhole they find themselves in, but still cool ideas nonetheless.

2022-03-28 20:37:40 by Thomas:

Hey I find this story really cool but I'm curious, to what extent did you plan it out? Did you just hop online every so often and improvise a few more spooky tweets, or was each word planned from the start? Did you contact people in advance and ask them to play along, or were they improvving too?

2022-03-29 11:17:43 by qntm:

I had plenty of notes and ideas, originating from an abortive first attempt to execute this on IRC instead. But most of the tweets were improvised, as you can tell from the occasional typo, particularly in the second tweet. Other people who participated were also improvising once they figured out what was going on, although I suspect one or two maybe didn't. I didn't figure out that I could button it all down with a proper ending until around part 3 or 4.

2022-04-06 06:00:07 by anon:

one of the tweets is dead, is that intentional?

2022-04-06 18:37:30 by qntm:

No, it looks like Twitter has just changed how deleted tweets render. I'll figure something out to fill the gap.

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