My Perfect Dark times

These are my best times for the solo missions of Perfect Dark. They were all obtained without cheating on a PAL (European/Australian) Nintendo 64 version of Perfect Dark.

Some times are linked to video proof of me getting them. Hats go off to Matthijs ten Ham for making these videos for me.

StageAgentSpecial AgentPerfect AgentLicence To KillDark Licence To Kill
Totals27:5441:3853:242:13:2014:15 + 15 N/As
Defection 0:090:493:249:10N/A
Investigation 1:342:233:0111:46N/A
Extraction 0:571:502:099:31N/A
Villa 1:151:332:0210:52N/A
Chicago 0:160:330:361:201:47
G5 0:521:041:205:23N/A
Infiltration 1:202:123:2911:28N/A
Rescue 1:422:443:359:38N/A
Escape 2:413:583:595:03N/A
Air Base 1:282:073:215:30N/A
Air Force One 1:021:381:511:502:03
Crash Site 1:331:562:345:47N/A
Pelagic II 1:022:333:428:18N/A
Deep Sea 2:533:513:548:47N/A
Carrington Institute 0:571:512:052:382:50
Attack Ship 2:303:203:597:37N/A
Skedar Ruins 1:291:532:184:03N/A
Mr. Blonde's Revenge1:441:542:012:153:13
Maian SOS 2:002:302:509:49N/A
WAR! 0:270:531:042:234:02
Duel 0:030:060:100:130:20

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