Review: The Animatrix

The Final Flight Of The Osiris

This was quite nice, quite stylish, but the shooty scene was actually *dull*. Lovely animation though.

The Second Renaissance, Parts I & II

I thought that this was pretty dull. This is just narrative, nothing else, telling us only a few things that we didn't already know, and some frickin' stupid robots which a) WEAR SAFETY HELMETS?!?? and b) USE FLUORESCENT BATONS TO SIGNAL TO EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF ANY KIND OF WIRELESS COMMUNICATION??! We only need Morpheus to say "It was us that scorched the sky", we don't need to see it happen. Especially not when it sucks, like this.

Kid's Story

Kind of average.


"Oooh, it was all a dream!" This stunk. Dull fights.

World Record

Quite enjoyed this, nice visual style, energetic.


SOOO DULL. No plot, either - the house is broken, the machines move in and fix it, end. Slow and boring.

A Detective Story

This was pretty nice, in a noir-type private detective fashion.


This made no sense whatsoever. Psychadelic images and a confused robot in the middle of it, then everybody dies. Bleh.

Overall: 675/1000. If you've never seen anime before you probably be impressed with the unique styles of Japanese animation and storytelling. If you HAVE seen anime, you'll realise that this is not representative, or even much cop. Some high points, too many low.