Review: The Matrix Reloaded

Bad Stuff

  • Soundtrack did not contain any songs by The Smiths.
  • Repetition of 101 (Neo's room # in the first movie). <- bleh.
  • Morpheus' "jump miles in the air, slo-mo crane move, drop with knee in someone's face" move never works, in this movie or the previous one.
  • Really awkward George Lucas-style dialogue during the first half of the movie.
  • Hated the French guy. Will he ever shut up? Talks rubbish, at length. Ditto Oracle. I can't decide if they were being deep or just stupid. I vote the latter.
  • Lines in the previous movie became memes. Lines which were obviously intended to become memes in this movie, did not. I can't even remember any. That's how much they sucked.
  • "Hello, I am a Chinese guy in white whom you've never met. We shall fight for no reason! ... All done. Now, to continue with the plot."
  • Mixed feelings about the rather literal interpretation of "back doors".
  • Didn't like the obvious God figure. He could not have been more cliched. I kinda wanted him to introduce himself as "I am root". Never mind.
  • The bad guy you could tell was bad from the VERY FIRST FRAME HE APPEARED ON SCREEN <- didn't like this much either.
  • "We seek the Keymaker." "I am the Architect." What is this, an RPG? Terrible.
  • Sex scene SUCKED. Morpheus' speech in the temple SUCKED EVEN WORSE.
  • So there IS a spoon.

Good Stuff

  • Enjoyed the way the Matrix looked like when you look at it in code.
  • Calling the new operator Link <- appreciated this.
  • Incredible fight scene with Neo - "Level 1: fight six Smiths. Level 2: fight fifteen. Level 3: fight forty. Level 4: fight a hundred." Couldn't you just SEE the way it sped up, like it does when you play Tetris at higher and higher levels? A videogame. Great moves.
  • Niiiiiiiiice car chase, particularly the lorry collision and Morpheus totalling the Twins' car.
  • SUPERB use of slow motion and bullet-time.
  • Notice the monitors in the room with The Architect are the same one we watch Neo through when he's in the interrogation room in the first movie?
  • Trinity logging in as root, yeaaaaah
  • Enjoyed the extended shots of the Nebuchadnezzar and surroundings. Rather skipped over this in the last movie.
  • References to "Final Flight Of The Osiris" and "The Kid's Story", both on the Animatrix DVD.
  • Liked "the Superman thing" at the end with the sonic boom. Also liked Link's "Yess!" reaction.
  • Braille on the doors in Zion?
  • Neo = EMP? Three possibilities - one, he is still connected to the computers and they are connected to the Sentinels even while he's outside, and disregard the light show. Two, Matrix within Matrix. Three, pure fluke, somebody totalled them on his behalf.

Score: 811/1000. Go see it. It's awesome. If you need the toilet halfway through, go while the French guy is talking.