Review: The Matrix Revolutions

Here be spoilers

Good bits

  • Lessened pseudo-philosophical claptrap emphasis.
  • CONSIDERABLY lessened bullet-time emphasis.
  • Ace water fight scene - it's great to see such high-octane kicking-people-through-buildings action outside of Dragonball Z for the first time. And done rather better than DBZ come to that. No fireballs, but genuine tension and great moves. Excellent use of flight and zero-gee.
  • Rocking soundtrack.
  • Zion invasion scene was very cool to begin with. Especially liked the squids skittering across the walls.
  • Mech-robo-suit things = cool, but needed windscreens.
  • Sentinel swarming effect just makes you shiver, very nice.
  • Niobe flies a hovercraft like a pro.
  • Trinity calling the Merovingian "Merv".
  • The subway station. *grin*
  • Kudos to the Wachowskis for having the guts to kill who they did and wrap the story up halfway-properly.

Bad bits

  • Disgraceful dialogue/acting during the first fifteen minutes, by everybody. Neo, the Asian trio, everybody. Lucas-esque dialogue stunk. This was slightly present throughout the movie but less noticeable later on.
  • There is only one person in the entire universe who calls Neo "Mister Anderson" and Neo takes roughly fifteen minutes to recognise him, the dimwit.
  • Trinity, Morpheus and Seraph look hilarious while chasing the long-haired dude. Watch out for it. These guys are supposed to have superhuman speed and strength in the Matrix, so why do they jog along a la Scooby Doo?
  • I felt there was an unnecessarily large quantity of scene-changing early on.
  • Zion invasion scene went on slightly too long. Those two girls take AEONS to reload their bazooka.
  • Buried Christianity references are fun for those who like to find them. SEETHINGLY OVERT Christianity references are not.
  • Trinity's death sequence went on way too long. Is she dying or isn't she? She timed it exactly so she finished her speech just before she died.
  • Irritating kid.
  • Oracle's change of actress, though explained away in the movie and obviously unavoidable in real life, really didn't work.

Overall score: 899/1000. A pretty good conclusion to the trilogy. Better than Reloaded by a long way, and genuinely brought something new to the action movie genre, like the Matrix, which brought us bullet-time, and unlike Reloaded, which brought us more bullet-time. Enjoyable.