You can consider yourself counter-pwned, "Stacey"

(00:40:22) Roar10031: The moose is loose in Montreal Are you not inclined to agree?

This conversation takes place during 2005's Superbowl, which I naturally assume is what this cryptic comment is referring to (although I'm not watching it at this point)... but this person isn't on my AIM buddy list. Nor is it anyone I've ever heard of. Paranoia mode: engaged.

That big number in his or her screen name suggests to me that it could be a spam bot of some kind, about to register that I'm an active name and feed spam to me. Probably best hold off replying for now. Check the Elite AIM directory... someone from there could well be contacting me out of the blue... no matches. Hmm. Google for "Roar10031"...

(00:41:40) Roar10031: is there something u want to know about me?

Success! I spend the next few moments reading the log, and instantly, the jig is up.

(00:42:40) stickmansam1024: Ah, you must be a bot
(00:42:45) Roar10031: Your not tlaking
(00:43:02) stickmansam1024: a bot who's programmed to be stupid, I see
(00:43:11) Roar10031: you are you, and i amm yself.
(00:44:18) Roar10031: is there something u want to know about me?

Actually, yes. I'm wondering if someone is pulling the strings remotely in real time, or if this thing is entirely on autopilot. But I doubt I'd get a straight answer to that question, either way.

(00:44:36) stickmansam1024: not particularly
(00:44:49) Roar10031: ahh my computer keeps freezing on me!
(00:44:54) stickmansam1024: I like the faked "user is typing" business
(00:44:58) stickmansam1024: not bad

...for the bot pretends to be typing its responses.

(00:45:05) Roar10031: thats odd
(00:45:08) stickmansam1024: *wonders who's on the other end of this*
(00:45:14) stickmansam1024: hello, whoever you are!
(00:45:18) Roar10031: I'm stacey
(00:45:35) Roar10031: haha, has really funny pictures. have you ever been there?
(00:45:40) stickmansam1024: you do a pretty good job of programming a plausible teenage female AIM chatterbot
(00:45:57) Roar10031: im just sitting here being bored

Thinks: about to link me to some random porn or rubbish? It's happened to me on ICQ a few times. Great. *rolls eyes*

(00:46:10) stickmansam1024: I guess this must be the New Spam
(00:46:23) Roar10031: really?

Then a brainwave strikes.

(00:46:41) stickmansam1024: I wonder what would happen if I plugged your responses into Eliza?
(00:46:49) Roar10031: i would probably feel the same way lol
(00:47:22) stickmansam1024: just a sec, seeing if I can find an Eliza emulator online

For Eliza is the first ever chatterbot: an insanely primitive one. Emulator is found, conversation begins now...

(00:47:34) Roar10031: ;-)
(00:47:47) stickmansam1024: Please go on.
(00:47:58) Roar10031: o hcrap I forgot my dentist appointment :-/ lol
(00:48:09) stickmansam1024: Why do you say your dentist appointment lol?
(00:48:24) Roar10031: what? a person's not allowed to laugh these days?
(00:48:40) stickmansam1024: Does that question interest you?
(00:48:52) Roar10031: i'm not sure
(00:49:19) stickmansam1024: Does it please you to believe I am not sure?
(00:49:28) Roar10031: i dont mean to bother u but i found ure sn on my buddy list for reason
(00:50:13) stickmansam1024: Why do you say your buddy list for reason?
(00:50:21) Roar10031: do u think so?
(00:50:31) Roar10031: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now! GET EVEN! Have the bot talk to all your friends by visiting

HAHAH! FAILURE! For I am the one laughing it up! Nice try!

Though I would quite like to know who it was who set this thing on me.