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Some housekeeping: I recently discovered that loads of the page were taking an inordinate amount of time, and routinely timing out. On closer inspection it looks like that particular page, due to incompetent coding on my behalf some years ago (which is to say, before I lost enthusiasm for PHP), causes the entire page database to be loaded at once.

I've replaced this with a new system whereby RSS entries are stored in a dedicated table rather than being loaded dynamically, and I can push updates to that table whenever I create or modify a page. From your perspective, there should be no perceivable change other than improved loading time. Obviously, defects go in comments. Defects that are preventing you from commenting should be posted to me or something.

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2013-02-07 00:56:55 by Matt:

Reading that, experienced an irresistable urge to test the comment box. If you're reading this, all is well. Do not be alarmed, this is not even a drill.

2013-02-08 02:20:12 by nobody:

I just got here via RSS, so yeah, works.

2013-02-20 01:28:27 by Geoff:

Any chance you could have a full-text RSS feed?

2013-02-23 13:59:19 by Connor:

He should have a full-text one. It should be so we can stick ?full=true on the end of the address and we get the full-text one:)

2013-06-23 17:08:40 by Shoofle:

I really wish that your RSS feed would provide full text.

2013-07-26 21:12:13 by ebenezer:

It would be nice if there was a full-text RSS feed.

2013-07-26 21:21:06 by qntm:

That's not likely.

2020-10-24 22:09:15 by scuzz:

Why isn't full text RSS feed likely? The truncated descriptions have been annoying me for a few years, so I'm really curious about your reasoning.

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