I know a lot of the people reading this website are here to read my (largely science) fiction. Well, I hope that's the case anyway, it's the content I have listed most prominently here. Anyway.

I am a member of Everything2, which falls under many definitions but can be adequately described as a site for text: a site for reading interesting text and for writing interesting text. It is like Wikipedia except it accepts fiction and your work remains yours for as long as you allow it to stay online. Most of the things I write here on are duplicated under my sam512 account on Everything2.

You have been reading my science fiction. Now it is time that you wrote some of your own. The month of January 2009 is SciFiQuest 9999 on E2. Your task is this: register for E2. Write a science fiction story. Submit it, with hard links and soft links. Get feedback and votes and Ching!s and other mysterious rewards.

Be warned, E2 has standards. But the only way to write a good story is to write a hundred bad ones. Treat it as a challenge. Treat it as a learning experience. Today is the day.