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Hey, did you know that for the past couple of years I've been writing fiction for the SCP Foundation wiki?

Here's my author page.

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Discussion (19)

2018-11-24 15:17:17 by Quite Likely:

Oh that's you? I love the anti-memetics series.

2018-11-24 16:17:11 by qntm:

Yep, that's me. And thank you!

2018-11-24 20:20:23 by Giraffe:

I worked this out a couple of months ago. Seconding the antimemetics division series, it is my very favorite~

2018-11-25 06:55:09 by David S:

Is "CASE HATE RED" a broken link by accident, or is the implication that it is missing in-universe?

2018-11-25 17:12:14 by Omegatron:

It just hasn't been written yet

2018-11-25 23:53:16 by corasaur:

that dang CASE HATE RED tease on the timeline.

or have i already read it and forgot.

oh god i said that as a joke but a chapter legitimately missing from the story because 3125 would be amazing and infuriating

2018-11-26 00:05:52 by corasaur:

also I understand why Immemorial worked better without the silly conversation with the totem-thing but it was still amusing.

2018-11-26 00:49:12 by qntm:

Yes, "CASE HATE RED" is the planned title of the next part. As a general rule I will not lie directly to you readers about what's going on in the story. There isn't, like, a kayfabe thing going on here.

It's disappointing about the conversation with SCP-8473, but you wouldn't believe how much material I throw out for most of these chapters. Actually, what's most disappointing is that that segment was intended more as sad than silly, highlighting that Wheeler doesn't really have a personal life, or any friends or loved ones. They are all gone, and she's retroactively been a total loner for years and years, and she doesn't even realise how much she's lost.

Anyway, what with the rest of the chapter, that prologue was irrelevant and distracting. Sometimes you have to get brutal and cut perfectly good content because it isn't appropriate to the tone of everything else. Film editors make equally tough calls all the time.

It may come back in some form. I'm working on it.

2018-11-26 06:48:23 by v5-zm:

I too quite enjoyed reading the antimemetics series a few months ago without realizing who had written it (or even that they were all by the same person).

Is there a way to get an RSS feed of updates?

2018-11-28 00:26:40 by qntm:

The SCP Foundation wiki has an RSS feed of most recently-created pages here:

But it's high-volume feed and statistically very few of those new entries will be Antimemetics stuff or by me.

You can also follow me on Twitter:

But again I tweet about a lot of things which aren't new Antimemetics Division stuff.

If you have an SCP Foundation Wiki account, you could try "watching" this page for changes:

This will send you emails, not put anything into an RSS feed. But recently I've found that watching pages doesn't seem to work...?

Sorry I can't be of more help.

2018-11-28 20:29:05 by corasaur:

oh yeah i definitely got that the 8473 conversation was supposed to be tragic. i just found it darkly humorous because i'm a bad person.

and I understand needing to be brutal in editing. All this month, for nanowrimo, i've been realizing which fun things will probably not survive a revsion shortly after i've churned them out.

2018-12-09 23:23:19 by Lemma:

I guess this means it's time I started reading SCP Foundation stuff~

Well. I'm *tempted* to, anyway. There's a *lot* of stuff there, right? I don't really have time to be reading something as big as Homestuck.

But, if the antimemetics stories are self contained then I may read those on their own.

2018-12-12 15:35:47 by Revan:

Lemma, I would read at least a few SCP entries just to get a feel for the grimdarkness of the world, then dive into the Antimemetics Division Hub.

The main arc following Marion Wheeler is great. There's another antimemetics story arc that isn't written by Sam, and it's pretty good as well.

2018-12-15 01:08:57 by Mark:

I've been following your antimemetics work pretty much since SCP-055's first inception. Fell in love with the idea of an antimeme from the start.

I was thrilled when the antimemetics division stories were released (YEARS later).

2018-12-17 02:17:25 by Thallori:

I've always thought that everything outside of the anti-memetics tales was made by different people. That even you were inspired by SCP-055 to make it. Learning that you were behind every awesome antimeme is, erm, woah... It's kinda amazing.

2018-12-27 12:31:39 by tahrey:

Well, there's the better part of 4500 main-list "objects" by now, and a huge scad of various canon and not-quite-canon add-on tales, all of which can vary from about one printed page of text to the equivalent of a short novel... not to mention all the joke, explained and decomissioned articles, the logs of extranormal items/events/places, personnel files, everything to do with the non-foundation Groups Of Interest, all the international divisions, etc. And of course the List Of Things Dr Bright Is No Longer Allowed To Do At The Foundation. It can be pretty daunting even for a longtime fan trying to keep up with it, let alone a newbie.

There is a "top rated" list on the site, however, IIRC, as well as a curated page dedicated to "the classics" which are largely those items which kicked off the whole idea when they started appearing on 4chan's /x/ board.

Some of them are grimdark, others come under just plain weird, or even kinda funny, as well as some that are pretty deep psych horror and really shouldn't be read late at night when you're alone in a dark house unless you have a strong mental constitution. Though thankfully the one which had a flavour image which did something bizarre and primal to my hindbrain and induced instant inhuman terror has long since been consigned to the bin because the attached article was actually a bit shit.

I might have a little troll through later on and pull out some of the lighter or easier to grok favourites... but, honestly, if your intent IS to read the entire thing, that WILL be a Homestuck level mission because of the sheer amount of material. I'm nowhere near close to that and don't intend to ever get there. The sheer amount of stuff being written and added to the site on a weekly basis would take up most if not all of a typical person's free reading time.

2018-12-27 12:32:39 by tahrey:

correction: the curated page is the "Heritage Collection". Definitely worth a visit if you're new to it all.

2019-01-12 23:19:23 by JustAnotherLurker:


Challenge accepted

2019-01-29 17:08:42 by AbraxasGadoliniumMacGuile:

Nice one!
Still, where's the anticognitohazards?