Why you should vote for me in the next Elite player battle

Every summer, The Elite hold a player battle. It is, in fact, all just a popularity contest. Here is why you should vote for me:


  • My PD times include such notable times as
    • 3:01 Investigation PA
    • 1:15 Villa A
    • 0:16 Chicago A
    • 0:27 War A
    of which the latter two were world records at the time
  • Peaked at 53rd in points and 51st in time for PD
  • Proud member of the 3-4-5 club (Agent times all under 3:00, SA all under 4:00, PA all under 5:00)
  • Perfect: 1 rank in Combat Simulator
  • 11-0 Challenge 30
  • Participated in the Psychotic Rivalry
  • My GE times include such notable times as
    • none at all
  • Competed at Super Monkey Ball, peaked around rank 53
  • Competed at AstroLander. Peaked at rank 1 with all three world records. First one to discover that you could go under levels
  • Competed at Sonic Mega Collection
  • Gained a score of 34 in the letter-sorting game in The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • Competed at Ikaruga, peaked around 50th on the UK national rankings
  • Masterminded Mike "TSA" Damiani's 5:04 route through The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, and devised many of the tricks he used en route, including the optimal Water Temple route

Website contributions

Community contributions

  • Joined August 2001
  • Made and contributed to so many great topics it ain't even funny
  • Founded the annual l33t Awards in 2001
  • Invented the concept of using Gmail as a video server
  • Future PDE history
  • PD: The Movie
  • PD Zero
  • Never spammed, flamed, lied about my times, or got banned
  • Helped many people with math(s)
  • Regular Elite Chatter
  • Elite Dinosaur Comics! 1 2 3 4 5

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