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2008-05-04 05:25:31 by PegLegPete:

Reading this part of the story heavily reminded me of "Nightfall" by Asimov. Anybody else see the similarity? Sam?

2008-06-09 17:50:45 by qntm:

Other than both stories featuring repeated disasters, I'd say there's very little resemblance.

2008-07-07 23:50:46 by Liz:

Sam0wn3d! Also, no Asimov references I see(at least not to that) very good series- ties in to fine structure nicely. Once fine structure is done you've got to try and sell it- if you could only get your first break and become a writer... Comeon- you owe it to Clarke.

2008-07-11 01:00:15 by Jake:

Is there anyway to indicate that this story in Fine Structure is actually a set of stories (like a folder hierarchy)?

2010-01-30 07:15:47 by David:

I can't believe it took me until now to get the significance of this section's title. Nifty.

2019-12-12 03:42:04 by The Apocalyptic:

@Jake: All subdirectories have now been labelled as such.

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