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Discussion (26)

2022-01-27 15:24:23 by Paul Strickland:

Are you willing to tell us your pronouns qntm?

2022-01-27 15:31:22 by qntm:


2022-01-27 16:01:52 by Paul Strickland:

Thanks for that personal information. Beyond the obvious fact that you are less hairy than I am, I can deduce nothing.

2022-02-21 21:23:43 by qntm:

I have cleared out some old questions which I believe have now been answered.

2022-02-23 13:07:18 by Susan:

I have been playing Absurdle for a while now, but I find that every answer has a double letter, i.e. MUDDY, FUZZY, PUPPY, etc. Every single one is that way! Am I the only one this happens to? It really takes the challenge out of playing.

2022-02-26 03:26:26 by Dave:

Hi - can you change absurdle to also show how the sercret word changed throughout the game when it is complete? Would be great to see how far off I was on prior turns!

2022-02-26 18:34:15 by Therese:

Not fair to use archaic words. WIGHT?

2022-03-02 04:28:26 by Dmac:

I got WIGHT - which seemed like a really obscure word. Maybe an oversight? Love the game though

2022-03-16 16:05:20 by Benny Andersen:

Hello. I am very happy to have come across your text about Learn Perl in about 2 hours 30 minutes . I am retired an last used Perl in 2006 (for something serious). So it was SO nice to have an explanation without all the edge cases like you say. I really agree with your statement "dislike the official Perl documentation at for being intensely technical and giving far too much space to very unusual edge cases ". Tank you so much. :-)

2022-03-16 19:34:26 by Absurdle Enthusiast:

I assume this is something you already know, but Absurdle's answer will ALWAYS be "tipsy" if you guess these words in this order: "crane", "would", "fight", "kitty", and then "tipsy", being 5 guesses. If you type tipsy as the fourth guess the answer will be "kitty" or "bitty", whichever is the 7th guess. This indicates to me that the answer is still "changing" up until the 6th guess but in the description you have of the game you say the best possible score is 4 guesses, is that because there is a solvable set of words that finds the answer in 4 guesses like this one prior? I don't really know anything behind the coding for something like this.

2022-03-19 13:51:38 by m:

R O W E R F I L L Y Q U A C K T A U N T D A U N T S A U N T G A U N T H A U N T J A U N T V A U N T funny. thank you

2022-03-28 03:49:32 by Spaceghost:

Any social media? Or just the site? Just read There Is No Antimemetics Division and am ordering more of your books. Absolutely loved the organization and writing of it.

2022-03-30 18:58:27 by George:

From the FAQ discussion about APPLE (guess) and CRIMP (secret word), how can the second P not be marked yellow before the hidden word has been determined to have only one P in it? That would be the case early in the game while there are still many possible hidden words...?

2022-04-04 23:54:17 by qntm:

Spaceghost: I am @qntm on Twitter. George: every possible hidden word always results in the same responses to every guess made so far. If you guess "APPLE" and the first P is yellow then that means the secret word has one P in it, not at location 2 (or location 3). It doesn't mean the secret word is definitely "CRIMP", it could be a lot of things.

2022-04-10 03:41:45 by bilk:

CRANE GYPSY seems to have locked up the game. Only option available was 'Give Up'. Game was played in 'Hard mode'.

2022-05-18 19:53:29 by Erp:

The word ‘heiau’ is not in the word list, but it is in the dictionary. The definition is a Hawaiian temple.

2022-05-18 19:54:45 by Erp:

The word ‘heiau’ is not in the word list, but it is in the dictionary. The definition is a Hawaiian temple.

2022-06-05 14:21:26 by Too many doubles gets boring:

If you use wordle openers Aline Yours You get a word with an o and a y every time. Most were double letters. Just wanted to let you know that it gets boring as it picks the same series of words. Have a great day.

2022-06-14 12:28:10 by WordHuddle:

I made yet another game based on hangman. I added a score system in an attempt to make it more interesting and more fair than hangman.

2022-06-17 07:34:36 by blue:

Have you ever read How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu? If not I think based on your writing that you might enjoy it (time travel shenanigans, manipulation of abstract concepts, etc)

2022-06-21 21:55:49 by Ivanq:

I'm wondering whether leading to a blank page is a bug or intended behavior.

2022-06-24 23:49:26 by Jarred Filmer:

I have benefited greatly from things your mind has produced You have made beautiful art that has moved me, and I wanted to say thank you Thank you, Sam, for your writing

2022-06-29 09:52:58 by Linds:

Does the site not work in nz

2022-07-29 13:22:26 by Meghana:

Hi! Today the secret word was Bobby. The random guess button gave a word where B was not a letter. Nonetheless, as I couldn't think of anything, I've given Bobby and all the B's were greyed out. This was 5th and 6th attempt. Funnily, my 7th attempt revealed Obby as the right last 4 letters and 8th attempt revealed Bobby as the right word. I'm confused why did it not pick my in my 5th attempt.

2022-08-19 14:34:25 by Pablo:

Axiom of choice in Python? next(iter(X))

2022-08-19 14:37:50 by Pablo:

{next(iter(x)) for x in X}

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