24 drinking game

Best played with four to ten people and lots of vigorous disagreement.

Take a sip whenever:

  • Something takes a few minutes when it should take days or weeks
  • Somebody you don't care about dies
  • Somebody informs the President about something he frankly shouldn't be directly involved in
  • Somebody explains the plot to somebody else
  • Somebody turns out to be working for somebody else, regardless of who that other person is
  • Something happens which you totally never saw coming
  • Your suspension of disbelief breaks

Drink one finger whenever:

  • A good guy turns out to be a bad guy
  • A bad guy tortures somebody
  • Somebody (including the writers) employs delaying tactics
  • Everybody seems to have forgotten the events of more than four hours ago
  • Jack Bauer's backup gets killed
  • Kim Bauer gets into trouble due to pure dumb luck rather than anything relevant to the plot (i.e. the drug bust in season 1, but NOT any of the kidnappings by terrorists in that season)
  • Jack Bauer gets away with something anybody else would be fired or imprisoned for

Drain your glass whenever:

  • A bad guy turns out to be a good guy
  • A good guy tortures somebody
  • The President tells a terrorist, on the phone, "We don't negotiate with terrorists", but doesn't hang up
  • The writers of 24 "deal" with an "issue"
  • Somebody yawns, eats, or uses the lavatory
  • Jack Bauer gets away with murder

Chug the whole bucket whenever:

  • Jack Bauer "dies"
  • Somebody appears who is not unambiguously good or evil
  • A clock other than the screen clock is seen, showing the correct time